Monday, 19 December 2011


The title of the entry is very subjective. When it comes to take good care of ourselves, yes, it can be many ways, many aspects. We know that we MUST do that, some of us know how to do that, and some of us know the tool to do that. What i'm going to share is one of the tools to enhance the healthiness of ourselves. As we grow up, especially when we reached 25 years old, the collagen production in our body is decreased, Therefore, we need to outsource this collagen to make sure that we have sufficient collagen in our body. Nowadays there are many collagen products out there in the market especially collagen drinks. Few weeks back, i noticed of this one product, collagen dust. So i decided to buy the product from the very famous blogger Hanis Zalikha. Do visit her blog HERE. x sempat nk snap pic of the product. I google je.

Apa yg best tentang product ni, we can mix it with any of our fav drinks. Until today, dh mcm2 drinks i buat, pink guava, ribena, green apple..huhu..klu nk diminum ngan air kosong je takot xlalu plak. Ape2 pn we'll see the results..

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