Thursday, 3 March 2011


ader ape ngan big day? do you know anything 'bout this? hurm..ape la agaknye ye..xper la kiter tggu till the big day arrive then, kita story mori ok..


with love


ha! entry kali ni nk story benda yg dh b'lalu..saje nk share coz it was a great experience for me..nk gtau la secret kan yg i mmg xpenah fly..haruslah kan..korg pn mestila xpenah coz xde sayap..haha..means i xpenah naik flight..cian kn..huhu..hwever, once upon a very fortunate time i got an offer to go to germany...jeng jeng jeng...excited right..bayangkan xpenah naik flight tiba2 trus ke germany..pegila sabah dl ke..haha..that was the magic of what we call rezeki..syukur ke hadrat-Nya.

12 hours in the flight..mak nk patah tu sumer d lupakan bila food served on the table..haha..smpi kat frankfurt we all kene naik train utk ke bkn 1 train..2 3 kali gak tukar train..x kira lg yang t'silap naik..huhu..biasala xde guide kan..penat tp sronok..smpai heidelberg naik tram n jln kaki utk smpi ke hotel..giler jauh..when we reached kranich (area hotel) we were surprised with its surrounding..very peaceful..sgt senyap mcm xde org duduk kat ctu..smpai one of my friends cakap adakah kita berada di tempat bunian..huhu..ade eh bunian kt oversea? was sunday..klu kt m'sia weekend la yg havoc and chaotic..

we all spent 1 week there..pg2 ade class.. i sat for organizational behavior class..class smpi 1 pm je then trus g lunch..ha! ni nk citer psl lunch plak..since we are muslims, so we asked for vegetarian food..sdp mmg la sdp klu dh the whole week mengadap rumput rumpai dan lalang2 harusla muak..smpai dh xlalu nk tgk..mula la t'igt ns lemak, mi goreng mamak, roti canai..tu la org kata..hujan emas di negeri org, hujan batu ngri food diorg quite salty coz of the t'paksala telan..the most unforgettable food ms kat sana was homemade bread we had during breakfast every morning at the hotel..fresh from the oven..crispy at the outside yet soft inside..sodap la sgt2..with jam, choc, butter and cheese spread..yummy2!..smpi ari ni n maybe selamanya xdpt lupa roti tu..huhu..

klu citer psl food smpi thn dpn pun xabes kan..after class, ptg2 we joined the excursion organized by the organizer..mcm2 tmptla..tmpt wat beer pn we all pegi..boat tour, city tour n mcm2 lg..but actually we spent a lot of time shooping at OLD TOWN..(bkn old town white coffee ye..kat sane xde..starbuck ade la)..huhu..tempat kat sane cntik2 with all the architecture. Heidelberg is known as a historical, buildings kt ctu very historic plus ade castle ala2 kelly's castle tu..huhu..

Our journey in heidelberg ended on 16th oct 2010..flew back and arrived at KLIA 17 oct 6.00 was a hectic journey yet full of joy..penat2 gak but when i saw my sweetheart who came to fetch me at the airport excited bukan main..gatai noo...hahahaha..thanks bi coz willing to fetch me..cayang dier..hihi

that's all for this i'll upload later k..if i x lupa la..huhu..c ya..

with love

Wednesday, 2 March 2011


haha..beria je title..good news for me the news last week but i guess never too late to share..finally i will end my career as 'penanam anggur'..Insyaallah this coming 16th my life as a librarian will begin..sounds dorky right..never ever2 underestimate librarian tau..we are the manager of the library..imagine what will happen if all the the books are scattered here n there..hahaha..

it was my 1st real job intrview..juzt imagine how i felt..jantung rs cam nk tembus baju dah..i dressed up lebih skit la as advised by my aunt..not trying too hard..juz wanted to boost up my confidence level..bila giliran i smpi punyerla rs nk terjun bangunan..haha..kidding..skali dh msk interview room, everything was gone..gone with the wind..the best interview session i ever had..haha (padahal  ni la satu2nye interview)..sembang2 je dgn interviewer tu..n the best part was  i was appointed on the spot..wah! so glad..actually, im gonna make this job as a platform to gain experiences..if ader better offer then cabutla kan..huhu..

okayla..smpai cni je latihan menulis untuk kali ini..sori la yer klu boring..haha..daa..

with love


jeng jeng jeng!!!!!!!!! 

hahaha...gelak dulu ye..coz rs t'sgt klakar bila meng'wonder'kan yg diri patik ini writing a blog..juz wait n see how long patik akn blogging ye..rsnye esok dh malas..hahaha..okay2! stop laughing ok..klu korg gelak la..klu x gelak jus stay still..haha..enough laughing at my own self..ntah paper..
so, dh nama pn introduction, marilah kite mengenali sesama kita..kenal blog la ni purposely to test my writing no..just to share thing or two with others..juz like the blog title..korg rs napekah nama blog ni mcm tu? HONEYS: THE GREATEST LOVE OF ALL..definitely, honeys is referring to my name but with diff spelling..sajerla nak vogue jap..the greatest love of all tells what i made of..made of the love of two persons - mak n ayah - of coz..the best won bebeh! (know what i mean..hehe), basically, this blog is all about my journey of being NUR FARAHANIS BINTI SALIM..(mcm la ader jd org lain kan..)..

klu lah ader sesaper yg t'serempak ngan blog ni, nk follow silakan..xnk pn xpe..Islam bukan agama paksaan..(tiba2)..hahaha..enjoy reading..

with love