Friday, 4 November 2011


Good day! Lamanye velog ni ditinggalkan, digantung x not good at this, i told ya! so tiba2 today ada mood nk menge'post' new entry. I would like to share with you about color palette exclusively for wedding or any event actually. so for those yg still tercari2, terfikir2 ur theme colors, do some research on it and ask the expert. Am not the expert but i asked my cousin, friends for their view point and finally came out with the decision. But i cant tell what it is. As for now, few people je la yg tau..actually, am not goin to reveal my theme color in this entry. I just want to share what aspect should be considered when choosing ur theme color. Ni from my point of view la. Others may think differently.
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For me, the colors should give impact to the ambiance of your event. So, to reach that u should have in mind what style your wedding would be. Means, u all nk wat style ape, be it garden, english, traditional, jawa, etc, colors will affect the style..By defining the style or the theme, then it should be easy for u to choose the color..

another aspect is the venue of the wedding/event. if ur wedding will be held kt rumah, you should consider colors yg org kata sedap2 mata memandang..yg sejuk2 skit..not too bright, not too strike..colors like shocking red, striking green, striking orange may not if you insist to have these colors, mungkin these are your fav colors, up to you..ur day, ur way, if i must say. this is my opinion only. 

skang ni dh jd trend theme colors mesti combination of two or more colors. me loiiiikkkkkkeeeeee this style. Very challenging when playing with colors..mix n ur combination of colors kene balance la..xde masalah klu nk yg very obvious contrast..lg best..lg menarik, tertarik kau mmg the BOMB! makes ur wedding diff. from others..dr jauh dh bleh normally old folks x bokonan ngan colours cmni..they prefer colours like green and white, pink and white, blue and white. gold and ivory..klu wat combo three colors, nk2 plak color yg a bit contrast mula la kata kaler apo yg ekau pilih ni..xponah dibuek oghang!..padahal banyak dh org i said, ur day, ur lain tu klu byk sgt songeh, byk sgt ngomel, soh diorg wat time majlis diorg nanti..that's so true!! hoho

finally, ur dress color..nk wat kaler yg samer ngan theme pn ok, but if that way, i prefer different shades. so that, tak tenggelam la pengantin kan..klu nk warna yg lain pn bleh..contohnyer, let say, theme colours are teal and sky blue, then u nk ur dress in grey..ok je..jgn lari sgt sdh ler..

ok la..stop di sini dl..before i end, i leave you with a link . Hope bleh bg sedikit sebanyak idea theme colors for ur big day.

Motto ari ni, YOUR DAY YOUR WAY..huhu

with love