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wah! cepatnya fikir pasal honeymoon..gataaaiiii la..juz wanna share sebarang dua ideas for honeymoon to this site..for this entry, kita explore asia dl..hihi..mari2...

7 exotic Asia honeymoon:

Traveling to India is truly an exercise in sensory seduction. The exotic, spice-filled aromas, brilliantly colored saris, and shifting landscape of snow-capped peaks, sand dunes, and tropical canals will leave you awestruck.

India's diverse scenery is matched only by its diversity of cultures. Approximately one-third the size of the US and home to thousands of different ethnicities, attempting to cover the entire country in a single trip is a daunting task. The key to a successful honeymoon in India is to focus on a region (we recommend either the north or the south) and explore it fully. Here are two itineraries that will let you appreciate India's vast beauty without feeling overwhelmed.


Forget the "Vacations 'R' Us" feel of some resorts and visit the secluded, luxurious, romantic Maldives islands in the Indian Ocean. The Maldives and its surrounding turquoise waters are known for world-class scuba diving and snorkeling, and many resorts feature ultra-private villas tucked away on their own stretch of beach or hovering directly above an aqua lagoon.

Before You Go: Need-to-know info

Language: Dhivehi is the national language, but English is widely spoken, especially by staff at the resorts and spas.
Flight time: Check for connecting flights from major European cities or South East Asian locales. From London, it's approximately 11 hours.
Getting around: Taxi, boat, plane

When To Go: Maldives at its best

Best weather: It's sunny, warm and humid year round. April is often the hottest, December the coolest. Monsoon season is from May to September. 
Best prices: High season is dry season: December through April, so look for deals between May and November.

What To Do:

Nothing! The Maldives are perfect for seclusion, spas, scuba, snorkeling or just sitting still. Whether you choose to stay over the ocean in a bungalow or take a lazy swim in the ocean with colorful fish, you can do it all, or have just as much fun doing nothing at all. Located southwest of Sri Lanka, on the equator, the Maldives is made up of 1,190 coral islands (only 200 are inhabited) with 87 serving as resorts. This place is made for guests who relish having alone time. 

Go under the sea: Take a ride 120 feet below water in a state-of-the-art passenger submarine -- 99% of the Maldives is covered by water so to see it all you'll have to take the plunge. Descend beneath the surface where you will encounter corals and the reef fish that call them home -- it's common to be greeted by schools of snappers, lionfish, boxfish, turtles, sharks and huge groupers. Some dives tour historical shipwrecks and shark-feeding sites while night adventures search out manta rays. Check out for more info. 

Hang with whales and dolphins: Clear waters and an abundance of sea life make the Maldives an amazing place to see whales and dolphins in their natural environment. There are more than 20 different species in the area, from the Blue Whale (the largest animal alive) to the acrobatic Spinner Dolphin. Safari boats take guests into the open waters to spot species not often seen outside the Maldives, like the Dwarf Sperm Whale, Melon-headed Whale and Tropical Bottlenose Whale. Beautiful black and white Orcas have also been known to make an appearance.


Thais commonly use the word sanuk when talking about their Southeast Asian kingdom, which means "fun." Yes, within Thailand's tropical terrain lies a sensory sojourn for travelers -- the eye candy of ornate gilded palaces, rich coral reefs, and many varieties of wild orchid; the hypnotic rhythms of Buddhist mantras; the palate-pleasing platters of spicy cuisine; the tactile allure of rustling Thai silk; and the aromatic odyssey of bustling bazaars.

Before You Go: Need-to-know info

Entry requirements: Valid passport
Language: Thai
Currency: Baht
Flight time: 19 1/2 hours from NYC, 17 hours from L.A., 19 hours from Dallas

When To Go

Best weather: November to January is the "dry and cool" season, though the rest of the year can be just as fair. Be prepared for hot, humid weather any time of year, though there are three recognizable seasons: summer from February to May; rainy from June to September; and cooler from November to February.
Best prices: Mid-May to mid-October, exact dates vary by hotel

What To Do

Get to Bangkok: Just as New York City doesn't define the total American experience, Bangkok isn't representative of all of Thailand. This is a huge metropolis: Neon billboards and high-rises flank humble temples and the traffic -- consisting of cars and rickshaws -- is nearly always congested. The paradox is exactly what makes the city interesting. Check out Chinatown, a ramble of lanes near Yaowarat and Charoen Krung roads, browse the shops on Charoen Krung for kitschy souvenirs, dare to peek into one of the "dance" clubs in Patpong, Bangkok's notorious red-light district, and definitely do not miss the Grand Palace.

 Hike the hills: Strap on those hiking shoes for ventures into northwestern Thailand and the infamous opium-growing Golden Triangle, where Thailand borders Burma and Laos. Chiang Mai, "the rose of the North" about an hour's flight from Bangkok, is the gateway to this mountainous region. From here you can explore the city's countless wats, including the awe-inspiring mountaintop Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep, and take a pachyderm pleasure ride, drift down the Mae Tang River on a bamboo raft, explore the stunning Doi Inthanon National Park, and trek to remote villages inhabited by colorful hill tribes (some of whose lifestyles have barely changed over the centuries, while others now kowtow to the tourist dollar). 

Hit the sand: Spin the compass south toward the narrow peninsula of southern Thailand for picturesque beaches, a rich diversity of coral life, and exotic seascapes punctuated by towering and dramatic limestone stacks jutting out of the water. Skip Pattaya (way too touristy), but do head for Phuket and Ko Samui, both island beauties easily reached by air from Bangkok. Phuket is Thailand's largest and poshest island -- with ample dive and sailing facilities plus striking scenery make it a hot destination. Ko Samui, in the Gulf of Thailand is blanketed with coconut palms and rimmed with white sand and aquamarine waters. Beside lazing around, water sports, principally sail boarding and diving (Ang Thong Marine National Park is nearby), will occupy your days.
-- Lori Seto & Dan Klinglesmith

Tokyo, Japan

If you feel like you've seen it all on your travels throughout the States, take a trip to Tokyo for an entirely different experience. With culture, cuisine, and customs all its own, Japan can easily overwhelm the senses. Prepare before you travel, however, and you won't have to worry about the unique experiences available in Japan getting lost in translation.

Before You Go: Need-to-know info

Entry requirements: Valid passport
Currency: Yen
Language: Japanese
Flight time: 14 hours from NYC, 9 1/2 hours from LA

When To Go: Tokyo at its best

Best weather: March and April are when the weather is temperate and the cherry blossoms bloom; June, July, and September are rainy months

What To Do

Go to the theater: Take in a Japanese Kabuki performance, plays with elaborate sets and costumes in which all of the roles (even female characters) are traditionally played by men. Don't worry about the language barrier here -- the dramatics of the production make the plays easy to appreciate.

 A view from the top: For a view unlike any other, go to the observation deck of the Tokyo Tower at night (the deck is about 820 feet high). 

Soak in hot springs: Take a train to Hakone, a hot spring resort about an hour outside of Tokyo. The volcanic surroundings have created relaxing natural hot springs (called onsen), this is one of the best places to get a view of Mt. Fuji, which you might feel compelled to climb...

Hike Mt. Fuji: A nighttime hike to the summit of Mt. Fuji -- Japan's highest peak and most recognizable mountain -- is a challenge with a truly rewarding payoff. During the July and August climbing season, take a Fujikyu bus to the fifth station on the mountain, and start hiking at about midnight. It takes about four or five hours to get to the top (there are a few rest stops along the way), and you'll reach the summit just in time to see the sun come up. A word of warning: The climb is doable but definitely not leisurely. 

Take a side trip: After you've experienced the crowds, fashions, and cutting-edge electronics of Tokyo, step back in time with a trip to Kyoto, a former capital of Japan. Since Kyoto was spared from much of the destruction of World War II, many of the city's old temples remain intact. Don't miss the Toji temple (the highest pagoda in Japan), and the Kiyomizu temple, which was built in the 17th century into the side of a mountain. To see equally beautiful temples in a less busy setting, take a train from Tokyo to Kamakura, which is about an hour outside of the city.
-- Miles Stiverson
Hong Kong, China
East meets west in this region by the sea comprised of 260-plus islands facing the South China Sea. Whether it's taking in all the tantalizing flavors in a teahouse (think wonton noodles and steaming hot sweet buns with melted butter), shopping the markets, or enjoying a cocktail at one of the many trendy bars in Lan Kwai Fong, you'll find more than enough entertainment to fill a whole week and more.

Before You Go: Need-to-know info

Entry requirements: Passport 
Language: Chinese, although English is widely spoken
Currency:Hong Kong dollar (HK$)
Flight timeApproximately 14 1/2 hours [14 1/2 hours] from Los Angeles and 16 hours [16 hours] from NYC
Getting around: Mass Transit Railway, taxi, bus, and ferry

When To Go: Hong Kong at its best

Best weather: You'll find a nice mild climate (sunny, 70 degree temperatures) from the middle of September to February. The rainy season runs from May to September and is also the hottest time of year -- temperatures can be in the 90s and the humidity can near 90 percent or more!

What To Do

Get to Victoria Peak: You'll find the most romantic views of Hong Kong and Victoria Harbor on Victoria Peak. An eight-minute ride in the Peak tram will take you to the top of the tallest hill in Hong Kong where you can take in the views in the wok-shaped Peak Tower at the top. 

Shop till you drop: Hong Kong's status as a duty-free port (from cosmetics to electronics) makes it a prime shopping destination. Take in the markets in Mong Kok, or Yau Ma Tei's Temple Street Night Market. Don't be surprised if you run out of room in your suitcase and have to buy a second bag while you're there.

Dine on dim sum: A standard daytime snack, eating dim sum is a must-do in Hong Kong. Always served with Chinese tea, these savory snacks are most often enjoyed during breakfast and lunchtime and are filled with pork, prawns, rice, and flour (there are about 100 varieties of dim sum!). 

Explore the nightlife: Go to Lan Kwai Fong, popular during the post-sunset hours. There you'll find tons of bars, restaurants, and clubs all within blocks from one another to keep you entertained all night long.
-- Anja Winikka

Beijing, China
Home to the Forbidden City, the largest royal palace in China; the Great Wall of China at Badaling, one of the seven worldly wonders; and the Temple of Heaven, where Chinese emperors once worshiped, Beijing is the quintessential city of China and its sites and splendor should make it to the top of your must-travel destinations. While you're there, definitely take in the main attractions, but also don't miss the opportunity to dine in the teahouses, shop the markets, and jet-set to a surrounding water village like Tongli or metropolis like Shanghai.

Before You Go: Need-to-know info

Entry requirements: Passport
Language: Chinese (Mandarin) 
Currency: Renmibi (RMB) 
Flight time: Approximately 13 hours from LA

When to Go: Beijing at its best

Best weather: The best months to visit are early fall between September and October when the weather is relatively dry and warm. For cheaper flights, you might also consider spring or winter. The rainy season runs from May to September and can also become extremely warm and muggy.

What To Do

See the Great Wall of China: The paragon monument to China's history, the Great Wall is considered one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, stretching close to 4,000 miles across mountains and valleys from east to west. See it in the capital city of Beijing, or for the less-crowded (and a less touristy) view, go to the nearby town of Mutianyu.

Drink tea: Escape the tourist sites for an hour or two, and duck into one of Beijing's many teahouses. While you're there, sit back and relax, catch up on your reading, or just revel in each other over bottomless cups of jasmine tea. Many teahouses are clad with replica Ming dynasty furniture and some even feature live traditional Chinese music. 

Spend time at the temples: You don't have to go all the way to Tibet to find Buddhist monks. Go to the Yonghe Gong (the Llama Temple), an active place of worship for many Tibetan monks, where you'll see the Hall of the Heavenly Kings, The Hall of Everlasting Blessings, and the Tower of Ten Thousand Happinesses, to name a few. After you've seen the Buddhist monks, see the Daoist monks in Baiyun Guan (the White Cloud Temple). 

Jet to Shanghai: Take a flight to the bright metropolis of Shanghai. Known as the Paris of the East, you can take in the whirlwind by shopping Xiangyang Market, where you'll find all the take-homes you're looking for and more; then walk the Bund, a strip along the bank of the Huangpu River strewn with restaurants, bars, and world-famous Art Deco buildings.
-- Anja Winikka


Lolling between the Java Sea and the Indian Ocean, Bali is a fish-shaped isle along the equator, one of over 17,000 Indonesian islands that stretch between Australia and Asia. You'll arrive jetlagged, and depart transformed. Be warned, though, that Bali can tempt even the most level-headed travelers to start calculating the cost of permanent relocation.

Before You Go: Need-to-know info

Entry requirements: Passport with more than six months validity, return ticket
Language: Bahasa Bali, Bahasa Indonesian, English
Currency: Indonesian Rupiah (IDR)
Flight time: More than 24 hours from most U.S. cities
Getting around: Taxi, bemo (minibus), rental car (keep left!), motorcycle, bikes

When To Go: Bali at its best

Best weather: April and May, September and October
Best prices: Rates are fairly consistent year-round
Festival highlights: The Balinese follow two local calendars, the Hindu saka and wuku. The 10-day Galungan Festival in July, during which mythical lion-dog creatures scamper from temple to temple, is the highlight of the wuku year. Nyepi, a day of silence when the island closes down in fear of evil spirits flying in from the sea, is the saka calendar's New Year's Eve and falls on the vernal equinox. Independence Day is celebrated on August 17, with sports events and cultural performances.

What To Do

Tour the temples: There are an estimated 20,000 shrines and temples scattered across this palm-studded landscape half the size of Connecticut. Don't miss the nine great temples, the Pura Agung, built along the slopes of Bali's "bellybutton" (more on that below). Put Pura Luhur Uluwatu on the list for a sunset excursion. Ensconced atop 300-foot-high cliffs at the southern tip of Bukit Badung Peninsula, its dramatic setting is otherworldly.Bali's most sacred site is Pura Besakih, one of nine major temples located on the slopes of Gunung Agung, a volcanic peak that the Balinese believe is the "navel of the world." Pura Besakih is called the "Mother Temple" and encompasses dozens of thatch-roofed spires and terraced courtyards scented with incense and bedecked with flowers. During the tenth month of the Balinese lunar calendar (which coincides with March or April on our calendar), Besakih plays host to the island's grandest get-together of pilgrims to celebrate when the "gods all descend together."

Get cultured: The town of Ubud is a good place to scope art galleries and craft villages (woodcarving, jewelry, painting), the tranquil Puri Lukisan Museum, restaurants, dancing, and music. Ubud is also a good base camp for active adventures such as whitewater rafting and trekking.

Go to festivals: In this "Land of the Gods," festivals are practically an everyday event. Attending one is an incredible way to experience wayang kulit (shadow puppet shows) and hear gamelanorchestras tease melodies from flutes, cymbals, gongs, drums, and bamboo xylophones. Ask your hotel concierge about nearby festivities or consult the Bali Post, which carries a schedule of upcoming events.

Dance all night: While you might not want to stay in the Kuta/Legian beach area, do plan to visit and sprawl out on the beautiful beach. This is also Bali's nightlife center, with lots of bars, shops, and all around merriment. 
-- Lori Seto & Dan Klinglesmith

Fuhh!!!!!!! tu, aper lg klu rs2 nk honeymoon kt asia, this may help you..dlm byk2 ni, i pilih Beijing la..huhu..

with love


U all agak2 apa la yg tempah or sewa ni? ha! of course la wedding dress..initially i mmg nk sewa je my wedding dress tp i ni ssh nk berkenan ngan sesuatu..klu shopping, nk cr 1 brg pn berjam2..then, i decide to make my own dress..of coz la bkn jahit sendiri..huhu..bkn nk m'bazir..for me sewa beratus2 tu lg m'bazir..why? coz after that kena pulang blk bj tu..dh kira blanja hangus tu..tmbh2 plak design yg ader kat bridal boutique tu cm too heavy la..i x ske sgt..lg pn design2 tu meant for free hair kot..i prefer not to wear inner coz ia akan merosakkan keterampilan baju tersebut (amboi..skema ayat..) n klu bleh i xnk la nanti i buka fb, tgk2 ader org pki bj pengantin yg sama..xmo, xmo..since, my cousin Liyana, had hired this one designer ms dia kawen last year, i x perlu fikir byk la..from her dress, i ske sgt design yg diilhamkan oleh designer ni..fresh..i looikeee!!!! 

I dh pn mengaturkan temujanji dengan designer ni..n we all dh discuss the design, theme n other related things la..sgt friendly designer ni..senang bekerja ngan dia..sapa lg klu bkn Mr. Najib Salman..

 Credit: My Square Cut Ring

Somewhere in July, there will be another meeting with Najib to finalize my wedding dress designs..can't wait..excited lorr..huhu..ok la..nk smbung keje..c ya!

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Hai..rajin plak nk meng'update' ari ni..tgk tajok kat atas, tradisional la perumpamaan yg dpt digambarkan utk m'ceritakan event yg i attended last saturday. It was my fiance's reunion dinner. Quite formal. Majlis makan malam bekas pelajar form 6 smab. Tak ramai sgt guests but quite la tgk mereka2 ni bertemu semula stlh beberapa thn berpisah..cewah! Cikgu2 pn ader. The theme was White Glory, so can u guess what i was wearing? hehe..of coz my engagement dress..huhu..dh alang2 kene ngan tema wat pe nk wasting money n time find d new 1 right? lebih2 lg bila i dlm mode saving..hahaha..The function started at about 8.30pm..meal biasa je tp butter prawn, tomyam, ikan berlada petai, sayur, n rendang kenapa 'bagai sirih pulang ke gagang'? Ha! The function took place at Teluk Batik Beach Resort. This is the place where me & fiance met for the 1st time when we were working part time. Tempat kami bekerja b'sama2 b4 msk u. So di sini la berlaku pertemuan 2 hati..n kami xpernah menjejakkan kaki semula ke sini since we left the place. Sambil2 mkn kami mengimbau la kenangan2 yg terpatri kat tempat ni..byk kenangan..yg pahit, yg manis, yg payau..sumer ader..actually, we were struggling to be together..umpama mcm masing2 simpan perasaan tp dihalang oleh si polan - si polan tertentu yg menyebabkan perasaan tu x terluah..cewah! berkat kesabaran n keikhlasan hati, akhirnya kami bersama..huhu..jiwang plak!..berbalik kpd citer dinner ni, spjg majlis i was very impressed n felt like falling in love again with my fiance. Bila tgk how deep his teacher loves him, that gave me such an impact..that teacher mmg x ungkapkan ngan kata2 but bleh nampak dr cara layanan..n know what, my fiance was entitled as king of that night..proud of him..mgkn kerana bwk pasangan yg sesuci seorang puteri..hahaha (nk jugak)..he deserved it. 1 thing yg i terharu bila I salam cikgu yg sgt pengasih tu, beliau peluk i n sempat membisikkan pesanan supaya i jaga my fiance baik2..sgt tersentuh waktu tu..Wahai Cikgu, usah kau gusar akan keadaan ank muridmu itu..akan ku jaga, akan ku tatang, n akan ku belai, selagi Allah mengizinkan dan selagi nyawa dikandung badan...that's the story of that night..till than ya

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I bosan2 xde keje..i google, then bumped into this webpage..since darah tgh bergula manis ni, this info sgt berguna..not only for me but for those in d same club juga..kindly read thru this info..agak2 rs nk ikot, take it as part of your preparation..if not, treat it as ur reading material pun boleyy je..

1. Jangan keluar dengan pasangan selama 40 hari sebelum diijabkabul utk mengelakkan tohmahan masyarakat. Selain itu ia bertujuan utk mengawal nafsu. Ia juga utk menimbulkan perasaan rindu dendam. Perasaan yg timbul akan membuatkan wajah pengantin lebih berseri.
2. Jgn tidur dirumah orang takut terkena ilmu. Ia juga utk menjaga nama baik keluarga.
3. Jgn bebas keluar kemana-mana kerana takut disantau oleh mereka yg mempunyai niat tidak baik.
4. Jgn makan nasi dgn gulai berkuah beberapa bulan sebelum naik pelamin bagi mengelakkan perut buncit.
5. Elakkan makan ulam yg berbau busuk seperti petaidan jering.
7. Jgn bercermin terutama selepas maghrib ke atas bagi mengelak diri dari perkara sihir.
8. Jgn membuang air kecil dan air besar serentak di dlm air contohnya dlm sungai, kolah kerana ia boleh melemahkan organ seks.
9. Elakkan minum air bergas kerana ia mempunyai gula dan gas yg tinggi dan boleh menyebabkan kencing manis.
10. Kurangkan makan makanan yg manis kerana jika terkena kencing manis, lelaki tersebut menghadapi masalah berat tika bersama.
11. Elakkan mandi malam kerana tidak elok untuk sendi-sendi.
12. Kawal makan iaitu sekali makan setiap hari (mengikut sesetengah adat)
13. Kaum lelaki elakkan memakai seluar dalam yg ketat pada waktu malam dan tidur meniarap kerana tidak bagus utk organ seks kerana darah tidak mengalir.
14. Elakkan terlalu banyak makan makanan laut kerana ia mengandungi banyak toksid.
15. Tiga bulan sebelum berkahwin, mula membuat urutan supaya pengantin mempunyai tenaga.
16. Amalkan makan telur ayam kampung seminggu 2 kali yg dicampur madu dan lada hitam yg ditumbuk utk menambah tenaga.
17. Bagi mereka yg banyak angin, minum air halia utk membuang angin.
18. Belajar ilmu rumahtangga drpd org yg berpengalaman dan sudah berkahwin tentang rahsia memikat isteri supaya rumahtangga aman dan damai.
19. Jgn memuaskan nafsu dengan cara sendiri.
20. Cukupkan waktu tidur tujuh hingga lapan jam sehari.
21. Elakkan minum minuman keras dan merokok.
22. Elakkan terkena cahaya matahari kerana dikhuatiri hitam dan tidak berseri pada hari perkahwinan.
23. Elakkan minum air soya kerana ia sejuk dan tidak elok utk alat kelamin.
24. Amalkan makan jamu supaya malam pengantin tidak mengecewakan.
25. Banyakkan baca surah-surah bagi mengelakkan gangguan syaitan. Sentiasa mengingati Allah.
26. Jgn makan sebebas-bebasnya kerana ketika ini sistem dalaman tidak stabil.
27. Jgn terlalu terdedah kepada keluarga lelaki (simpan diri).
28. Jgn berembun atau keluar malam bagi mengelakkan unsur jahat.
29. Jgn bercelak atau berlangir serta memotong rambut seminggu sebelum ijabkabul.
30. Jika telah nikah gantung tidak boleh bersama.
32. Bilik lelaki atau wanita jgn dikosongkan. Mesti ada orang atau ahli keluarga terdekat tidur di dalam bagi mengelak dr dikhianati org.
33. Jgn buat kerja yg berat. Bila pengantin membuat kerja berat, dia akan berasa penat dan mudah terjadi nya gangguan emosi.
34. Jaga pertuturan agar tidak menimbulkan rasa sakit hati.
35. Elakkan makan dan minum seperti sayur bersifat sejuk seperti kangkung, bayam, timun, jambu batu dan air kelapa agar muka nampak segar.
36. Jgn cukur kening ditakuti akan menghilangkan seri muka.
37. Sebelum menjadi pengantin, katil kelamin tidak boleh ditiduri oleh pengantin kerana tidak manis.
38. Lempar baju di atas bumbung rumah tanpa diketahui oleh org lain bagi mengelakkan hujan turun ketika majlis berlangsung.
39. Dilarang memandang cermin ketika disolek oleh juruandam kerana dikhuatiri hilang seri.
40. Kedua pengantin dilarang bercakap ketika bersanding kerana kurang manis dipandang tetamu.
41. Jgn makan kepala ayam nanti mengantuk masa bersanding.
42. Dilarang membuang alis kerana perbuatan tersebut akan menghilangkan seri wajah buat pengantin lelaki.
43. Jgn makan bersulam air kerana dikhuatiri menyebabkan perut menjadi buncit.
44. Elakkan keluar rumah tanpa tujuan kerana angan-angan yg tinggi menjelang perkahwinan dikhuatiri bakal pengantin mengalami kemalangan jika berada diluar.
For more petua, tgk yg INI.
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Monday, 13 June 2011


Yummy!!!!!! Actually recipe ni adik i yg punyer..dia blajor kat skolah..i improvise ikut selera i la n my sis wat ler smlm utk m'jamu seisi kluarga..very simple recipe tp sdp..bleh la if nk mkn sndiri..if nk jual xtaula laku ke x..hoho..the recipe as below:

1 labu bwg besar (diracik/dimayang/didadu..ikut ske)
2 ulas bawang putih (i ske sagat/tumbuk smpi lumat coz i xske tergigit bawang putih..klu malas hiris je)
I paket minced beef/chicken..ikut ske..
Garam & lada itam secukup rasa..
Roti hot dog (yg pjg2 tu..ambik roti je..anjing xyah..hahaha)

1. Panaskan butter &Tumis bawang besar n bawang putih smpai naik bau..
2. Masukkan garam n lada itam secukup rs.
3. Masukkan minced beef n msk smpi daging masak n air kering.
4. Then, blehla angkat.

1 lg side dish utk kebab ni ialah coleslaw..u all bleh ltk skali dlm roti or mkn berasingan


1/2 biji Beijing cabbage - sagat halus
1 biji carrot - sagat halus
2 sudu besar mayonaise
1 sudu besar sour cream/plain yogurt
1/2 biji perahan lemon
Sedikit garam n lada itam.

Campurkan dulu dressing dlm bekas yg berlainan..mayonaise+sour cream+jus lemon+garam+lada itam
Kacau sampai sebati..garam tu sbnrnyer optional..function dia utk cut rasa masam..coz mayo + sour cream mmg dh sedia diperakui kemasamannye, ditambah plak ngan jus lemon..mmg putus la tali perut for those yg xthn masam, bleh la ltk garam tu..then, rasa la..smpai la jd sedap..
Then, tuangkan dressing td ke vege yg dh disagat halus tu n kacau smpai rata..klu dressing xcukup, tmbahla lg..ratio dia 2:1..2 mayo 1 sour cream..if 3 mayo, 2 sour cream..macam tu la hendaknye..
For variety of taste, blehla tambah kismis or nuts..

Cara hidang kebab:

Belah roti tp jgn smapai putus n sapu butter.
Bakar atas kuali smpi agak2 garing.
Letak daging di tengah2, coleslaw n sos..
Kapit n NGAP!!!!!!

I wat lain skit smlm..i pnyer je la..the rest of my family mkn yg mcm kt ats ni..
If ypu all peminat telor..dadarkan 1 biji telur..then, letak daging kebab kat atas telur tu n gulung..pastu letak la dlm roti n step yg sama spt di atas..lupa nk snap pic..lapar sgt, x menyempat2..huhu


with love

Friend's wedding

Yooohoooo!!!!!!!!!! mklumla cuti skolah br je b'lalu..makanya byk la undangan2 wedding yg xla dpt pegi sumer..maaf ye kwn2, yg maner i xdpt dtg majlis u all tu..tu adalah krn sebab musabab yg xdpt dielakkan..yg i dpt pegi majlis sepupu my fiance kt kk@kuala kangsar n his friend in bertam, penang..tu 1 hari pnye trip..4/6, dr manjung straight to Kuala Kangsar naik bas babe..xpenah2 alam aku mabok naik bas, suddenly aku sgt sume coz of jln yg sgt 'cantekkkk' n bas yg dipandu ngan sgt 'berhemah'..nsb baik xt'keluar isi perut mak jemah!..haha..after majlis kt kk, me n my fiance rushed to bertam..then, patah blk ke kuala..fuh! disebabkan d samping insan tersayang, ku tetap gumbira...actually, aku bkn nk citer psl 2 wedding ni..aku nk story mory wedding kwn skolah bernama Hafizul..aku mmg tabik spring la (coz dia army officer)..haha..aku tabik spring coz i was really impressed with the ambiance of his wedding..xde throne, cuma high table tp backdrop high table tu dia pki panel pelamin..serious aku sgt ske..dgn deco ala2 english garden, using soft color n purple..aarrrrgggggggghhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! i loikeeee!!!!!! xtergambar coz aku x amek gambar..hahaha..nanti klu dier upload kt fb, aku cilok paste kt cni..huhu..bunga telor n souvenir for guests sgt simple, jimat tp sgt berbaloi n gojes hokehhh!!  kesimpulan yg aku nk simpulkan ini, yg pastinya bkn simpulan bahasa, spt yg tlh pn aku kabor kan kpd mak aku, adik aku, n bbrp kwn ku, if nanti u all dtg majlis i nmpk cm  ala2 majlis hafizul ni jgn terkejut ye coz i dh giler2 for now la kan..xtau la kot2 pas ni aku nmpk yg lebih cantik..hehe..tu je la citernyer..aku nk smbung keje..hehe..daa

with love 

Thursday, 9 June 2011



Untuk membentuk bibir yang menawan, ucapkanlah kata-kata kebaikan. Untuk mendapatkan mata yang indah, carilah kebaikan pada setiap orang yang anda jumpai. untuk mendapatkan bentuk badan yang langsing, bagikanlah makanan dengan mereka yang kelaparan. Untuk mendapatkan rambut yang indah, mintalah seorang anak kecil untuk menyisirnya dengan jemarinya setiap hari. 

Untuk mendapatkan sikap tubuh yang indah, berjalanlah dengan segala ilmu pengetahuan, dan anda tidak akan pernah berjalan sendirian. 

Manusia, jauh melebihi segala ciptaan lain. Perlu senantiasa berubah, diperbaharui, dibentuk kembali, dan diampuni. Jadi, jangan pernah kecilkan seseorang dari hati anda. Apabila anda sudah melakukan semuanya itu, ingatlah senantiasa. Jika suatu ketika anda memerlukan pertolongan, akan senantiasa ada tangan terulur. Dan dengan bertambahnya usia anda, anda akan semakin mensyukuri telah diberi dua tangan, satu untuk menolong diri anda sendiri dan satu lagi untuk menolong orang lain. 

Kecantikan wanita bukan terletak pada pakaian yang dikenakan, bukan pada bentuk tubuh, atau cara dia menyisir rambutnya. Kecantikan wanita terdapat pada mata, cara dia memandang dunia. Karena di matanya terletak gerbang menuju ke setiap hati manusia, di mana cinta dapat berkembang. 

Kecantikan wanita bukan pada kehalusan wajah. Tetapi pada kecantikan yang murni, terpancar pada jiwanya, yang dengan penuh kasih memberikan perhatian dan cinta dia berikan. Dan kecantikan itu akan tumbuh sepanjang waktu. 

with love

Monday, 6 June 2011


Kepala otak dh naik sgt runsing..i still couldnt decide the dates for my wedding..hurm..adala planned dates nyer tp msh lg in consideration..pening la pikir..klu xde tarikh, later ssh nk book benda2 yg related to wedding ni..nk book mak andam, tok kadi lg..luckily, theme dh finalized. tp xbleh la bg tau..blum msnyer..waktu majlis nanti br bleh gtau..hoho..short entry for today..saje nk isi ms lapang yg sekelumit ni..till then..daa

with love

Thursday, 2 June 2011



Story ari ni actually sambungan previous about my e-day..hurmm..wat style skema la yer..ianyer berlaku pada tanggal 13 Mac 2011..I x buat grand2 pn..tunang je kan..hantaran pn biasa2 ajer..xderla mcm org lain..I malas nk berabis sgt..bersederhana je..majlis start 11.30 pg..dimulakan dgn discussion kedua2 blah pihak. nyembang2 je ler..huhu..I dh nk terkeluaq jantung dok tggu dlm bilik..huhu..
                                                              Rombongan pihak lelaki

                                                                                    sesi nyembang2..huhu
After sembang2 tu, I pn diminta keluar utk upacara menyarung cincin di jari manisku (manis ke?)..haha..then, amek ler gambar byk2..naik lenguh mulut ni cam bkn senyum dh, buka mulut bg nmpk gigi ku yg tersusun rapi ni je..hoho..i upload la sebarang 2 gambar persarungan kecincinan n outdoor photoshoot skit. Wat outdoor ni inspired by my cousin. Amek siap2 time tunang, x yah sebok2 amek pre-wed x? layannnnnnnnnzzzzzz..

My kurung moden during that day was custom made by auntie aper ntah nama dier..tak igt..mesti korg pelik kan naper aku nk pki warna putih bersih ni n x byk lain tunang colorful n merelip merelap..rupe pokok krismas bergerak bak kata pak ngah aku..hoho..ha! aku mmg xnk crowded sgt..i wanted a very simple kurung with less beadings because i nk tonjolkan simbol kesucian..well, i looked innocent rite? haha..(ko dik, jgn nk wat tgn ke bahu mata ke atas ye..akak tau ko wat mcm tu...hahaha..) plus wat photoshoot kt umah lama tu, br ader elemen seram..dramatik gitu.. (kalau nk pggl i berlakon hantu kak farah blk umah x kuar2, call my manager k..hoho)..dah2 la merapu..penat taip..hikhik
Ok..that's all for today's entry..maap la yer gedabak2 pics nyer..malas nk edit..hoho

with love

Wednesday, 1 June 2011


Hye u'ols, (ader ke u ols nye..hahaha)

dh lama x menjenguk ke blog hamba yg dh usang ni..huhu..nway ni nk smbung citer yg dh tergendala sekian lama..huh..actually pd tanggal 11 Januari yg lalu, saya tlh disunting oleh kumbang di taman..taman bunga melati..taman lain xmo..huhu..klu bhs saintifiknye, dirisik..huhu..quite berdebar2 gak la walaupn dh tau biji butir yg dibincangkan..nn the best part was, hari merisik tu jatuh pd hari yg sama ngan besday buat la mini celebration b'sama bakal mertua n bakal jiran mertua (jiran sblh umah mertua)..huhu...maka ngan hati yg kembang lagi berdegup2, menantilah hamba akan hari pertunangan hamba..huhu..smpai d cni dl..tata

with love