Monday, 19 December 2011


Oh no! it just around the corner! I don't know how to describe my feelings..sometimes i get too excited, sometimes the nerves make me crazy, sometimes i feel like there are thousands of butterflies in my stomach..huhu..actually, i think it is months away..u know when i said months, it means monthsssssss away..but when suddenly my parents started to speed up, then i felt like 'okay, i dont have enough time..there's soooooo many things to do. and many things i dont know how to do'..i keep asking here and there so that i get the idea..hopefully, Allah gives me strength to get through this situation, thus the event run smoothly..There are so many things to prepare..

Speaking of preparation, hurmm...pre-marital hiv screening is not done planning to do it in this week..tomorrow the first place, me and Mr. Right planned to do the screening together..but since kami berjauhan and susah nk apply leave yg sama, we decided to do it separately. Doorgifts, bunga pahar etc, me and family will try to look for these things this week. Guess what?? i've applied 1 week leave to get some of the things done. Mula2 amek cuti nk g my friend's not mom la kan..who basically 60% will be done by end of this week.

what else ya? Oh ya..invitation card, i think it will be ready in 2 - 3 weeks hopefully..coz my dad wants it to be done before end of january so that we can distribute the card to our relatives in Malacca when we go there for my cousin's wedding in Feb. By hook or by crook kene juga mintak org tu buat cepat..tak amek kira lg salah map la, salah wording la n what not kan..Our invitation card we decided to make it nice and need to put our photo..nanti orang buang2, pijak2..not worth at all..jgn terkejut plak dpt kad kitorang yang simple tu..try to cut the cost there as much as we could.. tp xde la nampak cikai sgt kan..i prefer something yang nmpak cantik tapi murah..boley?? ader ker org nk bg?? huhu..

In term of wedding dais..still tak decide lagi which design..(lama btol x open table ngan decorator)..maybe in january we'll finalize the design for both receptions. Attires...hurmm...bnyak lagi x setel..tak tahu la biler nak setel..selagi my attire tak siap, selagi itu la i xberani nk cari accessories..takot x match..huhu..huwa!!!!! sedar kan byk lg sebenarnyer nk kene buat..its down..chillex..after this i will re-list down aper lagi kan..step by step i buat..buat flowchart skali..senang nak tengok..huhu..

Ok la..i think that's all for this entry..till then..tata..


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